National Weather Service - The caretakers of US weather information and facts.

Blue Hill Observatory - Longest continuous record of weather data in North America. Observations at the station date back to 1885 and for the local area back to 1831. Located in East Milton, Massachusetts.

Galileo Internet Server - Set of links to different weather resources from academia to industry.

Geostationary Satellite Server - Get current and historic weather imagery.

IGES-Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies - Learn more about how scientists are studying the climate.

Interactive Weather Information Network - All you would want to know about national and local weather. Links to weather station and long term climate data sets.

Nantucket Live Cam - First Web Cam to see the sunrise in the USA.

National Climatic Data Center - Lots of good resources and an excellent source of data (observational and satellite-based). Specific climate web pages can be found at

University of Michigan Weather - One of the best resources to get timely weather information, whether its for the US or elsewhere.

Weather Channel Online - The Weather Channel on the Web.

Weather Channel Online "Maps" - Get your up-to-the-minute weather maps!

InfoPlease Country Atlas - Learn background information about specific countries including what weather and climate you can expect to find.

World Climate - A nice resource that allows you to select specific countries and cities for their climate variables.

NOAA-CIRES Clickable Climate Map - Clickable map of the US that brings you down to city-level weather and climate data.

About Geography Climate & Weather Links - Nice set of links and leads for a Weather & Climate novice to follow and learn from.

Altapedia Online - Online "Encyclopedia" that provides information on weather and climate for selected cities.

The Lonely Planet - Tourism Guides for many cities.

World Travel Guides - Tourism Guides that provide weather and climate information about numerous world-wide cities.

Earth Online Climatology Resources - A nice set of links for climatology that go hand-in-hand with the Earth Online text.

National Geophysical Data Center - A good resource to find data sets for weather and climate variables.